Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the Nucleus:

Standard Operating Procedures


1. The International Committee shall be responsible for sustaining the Workshop’s mission, including but not limited to the planning of workshops.

2. The International Committee shall consist of one member from each of the countries that were represented on the Committee as of September 1, 2007. Appointment of successors, election of members from additional countries, or discontinuance of a given country’s representation, shall be the responsibility of the International Committee.

3. Members of the International Committee will be elected by the Committee based on a majority of votes.

4. The business of the International Committee shall be conducted in actual meetings, by e-mail or postal mail. When necessary, decisions shall be made based on a majority of votes of those present, or responding to e-mail referenda. A vote cannot be completed unless at least one third of members are present or have responded.

5. The International Committee shall have two officers: the President and the Secretary.

6. The workshop organizer becomes automatically the President of the International Committee until the next workshop. The President shall be responsible for organizing the deliberations of the International Committee during and between workshops. The presidency starts after the meeting during which the new organizer was selected, and terminates at the end of the subsequent meeting at which the next organizer was selected.

7. The Secretary is elected by International Committee for four years and can be re-elected. The Secretary maintains a permanent web page of the WBW, keeps copies of the Wilhelm Bernhard Medal, and provides the organizers with the medal and diploma for the Medal recipient.

8. Decisions on workshop sites and organizers shall be the responsibility of the International Committee.

9. The detailed organization of a workshop, including logistic arrangements, scientific program (with the exception of item 7 below) and fund raising, shall be the responsibility of the organizer of the workshop.  The International Committee shall provide support to the organizer to the extent of the members’ ability. The organizer of a workshop must operate a web page with relevant information about the workshop one year before the start of the workshop.

10. The selection of the Wilhelm Bernhard Medal recipient shall be the responsibility of the International Committee, based on suggestions made by any member or members of the Committee or by the organizer of the coming workshop. It is expected that the selected recipient will be a senior investigator, with the honor reflecting a career of major contributions, preferentially with a previous history of appearances at the WBWs.

11. The selection of the Wilhelm Bernhard Junior Lecturer as well as all other aspects of a meeting’s scientific program (excepting item 10 above) shall be the responsibility of the workshop organizer. The organizer is encouraged to form a program committee from local experts, members of the International Committee and other experts, covering all principal topics of the workshop.