Aims of the Wilhelm Bernhard Workshops are:

  • to create a multidisciplinary meeting representing research approaches most used in studies on the cell nucleus structure, functions, and on their relationships, 

  • to promote contacts between scientists across all borders, 

  •  to give young scientists the opportunity to present their research within a fairly small circle of competent colleagues and to meet experienced colleagues in their field of research.


  • The 27th Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop on the Cell Nucleus was decided to be held in Prague, Czech Republic due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Workshop will take place on 19 - 23 June 2023. More info is published on the official WBW27 website.

  • The International Committee acknowledged the invaluable contribution to the several decades of success of the workshops by promoting to the status of "Honorary Members" the following colleagues:

    - Stan Fakan
    - Daniele Hernandez-Verdun
    - Egon Hidvegi
    - Karel Smetana

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